{Shopping} Visiting the Kayseri Days


On the 11th of October, I visited the Kayseri Günleri (Kayseri Days) in Feshane, Eyüp. Feshane is a complex with exhibition halls on the coast of Golden Horn. Many provinces of Turkey choose this complex to promote tourism in their regions. Feshane has a changing schedule, and nearly every week you can witness a city promoting its culture. If you are interested in the local culture and cuisine, it’s a great chance to get to know different provinces without leaving Istanbul. You can follow up the schedule from this website: http://www.feshane.com.tr/tr/etkinlikler1.html

Kayseri is a province located in Central Anatolia. So far I had only been at the bus station of the city. At Saturday it was quiet crowded and noisy, still it was an interesting experience and I saw many new things. I bought some products at Kayseri Days, all of them where new to me and I never tasted them before.

tarhana (dried soup powder)

tarhana (dried soup powder)

The first one is Tarhana, it is a dried and fermented soup made from flour, yoghurt and vegetables. Typically it is eaten during the winter time. I prepared it, even it is not winter time in Istanbul. Put 3 tablespoons tarhana in one cup of water and wait about one hour. Then heat 50 gr of margarine or butter in a pan, add one tablespoon tomato paste, dried mint and after some minutes 4 cups of water and the tarhana, cook and stir the soup until it boils. Add salt and wait about 5 minutes before serving. It is a strong and spicy soup, a good match for a cold winter day.

Kuşburnu Marmelatı (dog rose jam)

kuşburnu marmelatı (dog rose jam)

Kızılcık Ekşisi (cornelian cherry jam)

kızılcık ekşisi (cornelian cherry jam)

I also bought two different jams, one is made from Rosa canina, commonly known as the dog rose and the other one is made the cornelian cherry. The consistency of the jams is thick and creamy and they are not too sweet, which I liked about it.



And the most surprising product is Pişmaniye. It is a Turkish sweet, you can compare the texture with cotton candy and it is made from flour, butter and sugar. The consistency is fluffy and in the first place I couldn’t believe it’s something you can actually eat. The taste is sweet with a slight vanilla aroma.

how the pişmaniye is made

how the pişmaniye is made

Tekrar görüşmek üzere



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