{Vegan Wednesday} My first Vegan Wednesday #114


For some time I have been following the Vegan Wednesday and now I decided to participate. Since I’m in Istanbul I don’t eat vegan food every day, but I would like to eat vegan every Wednesday. For the ones who never heard about the activity, it should show how diverse vegan food in the everyday life can be. Therefor people are documenting what they’re eating the whole Wednesday, one blogger is collecting the posts and picture and is pinning it on Pinterest. If you’re interested you can visit the Facebook page and Pinterest:



Yesterday was a lazy day for me because it was a national holiday, 91th Anniversary of the foundation of Turkish Republic. No class at the university and it was rainy whole day, perfect weather to stay at home.



For my late breakfast I had roasted bread, smoked Tofu (which I brought from Germany), cucumbers, olives, kızılcık ekşisi (cornelian cherry jam), one mandarin and of course black tea.


afternoon snack

afternoon snack

Later in the afternoon I had a snack, with one of my favorite fruits here in Turkey, the pomegranate. I found an easy way to open it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VGvo_S78BQ  I also had mixed nuts, which I bought at the weekly market and black tea with cinnamon.

çiğ köfte

çiğ köfte for dinner, two portions

For dinner I ordered some food, there are not so many vegan options in the Turkish cuisine, but a really good one is Çiğ Köfte. The name means raw meatball and it is a specialty of southeastern Turkey, originally it was made from meat, but nowadays the version without meat is more common due to health regulations. The vegan Çiğ Köfte are made from Bulgur, onions, tomato and pepper paste and many spices. They’re eaten rolled in a lavash bread, with salad, rocket salad, parsley, lemon juice, nar ekşişli sos (pomegranate syrup) and a hot sauce.

çiğ köfte dürüm

çiğ köfte dürüm


I hope you all had a great Wednesday!

Tekrar görüşmek üzere



8 thoughts on “{Vegan Wednesday} My first Vegan Wednesday #114

    • Hey Agathe,

      that time I ordered the çiğ köfte at Tadiyaman in Mecidiyeköy, but there are many different çiğ köfte shops all over Istanbul you can have a look to this homepage: http://istanbul.yemeksepeti.com/ It is also in Englisch, you can find shops in your neighborhood and order online.

      Çiğ köfte are not expensive at all, a big portion (with salad, bread, sauce, lemons) for two persons costs about 12 Lira (4.30 €) and the delivering service is included.

      All the best


  1. I’ve been doing vegan diet for a few weeks now on and off.. ÇIG kofte is always my go-to taste when I’m lazy and don’t feel like making anything.I love it.. I could live off of it 😀

    But from it’s tatse..I feel like it must contain a lot of salt which worries me. So I make a point of drinking a ton of water after eating it 🙂


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