{Restaurant} Datlı Maya – A Small Oven Restaurant with a Big Heart

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On Saturday I went to the Datlı Maya, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Istanbul. It is located in Cihangir, a nice neighborhood with many cafes and restaurants, in walking distance from Taksim. They’re cooking with an 80 year old wood-fired oven and use mostly ecological products from fair trading and sustainable sources. The Datlı Maya also tries to combine almost forgotten, traditional Anatolian recipes with new methods.

daily hot pots, cooked vegetablesand

daily hot pots, cooked vegetables, artichokes and pastries

the old stove

the old stove

Special for me was the old house in which the restaurant is located. When you enter the Datlı Maya you’re right in front of the old oven, where you can also find the daily hot pots, vegetables, desserts and cakes. You also make your order downstairs, the little dining room is upstairs you can reach it only through crossing the kitchen.

part of the menu

part of the menu

The Menu is in Turkish and English and you can find many vegetarian and vegan dishes, but also meat dishes. They serve breakfast, pide (Turkish flatbread), lahmacun (round, thin bread topped originally with minced meat), dürüm (wraps), güveç (casseroles), meze (appetizers), soups and desserts.

vegetarian lahmacun

vegetarian lahmacun

When I was there on Saturday I had a vegetarian lahmacun, which was with goat cheese from Hatay, thyme and chili paste. Unfortunately I was not very hungry that day, otherwise I would have tried many other things. But hopefully I can do that another day.

black tea

black tea

A highlight was definitely the black tea! You can take the tea in self-service from a century old hand made copper samovar and it was truly delicious. For the ones who are not addicted to black tea, they also have different fresh herbal teas!

the dining room with the old copper semovar

the dining room with the old copper semovar



On their homepage you can find more informations, pictures and the menu.

The address is Firuzaga Mahallesi, Türkgücü Caddesi No. 59/a in Cihangir, Beyoğlu İstanbul.

And here the location of the Datlı Maya on my map:


Did you know this restaurant before? How did you like my review, would you like to visit the Datlı Maya?

Have a good week 🙂


Tekrar görüşmek üzere



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