{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #117



This week Annette from think.care.act is collecting all posts on her blog and pinning it on Pinterest later this week, thanks for this work!

Today was a grey day, when you compare it to yesterday, where sun was shining and we had 17 degree in Istanbul. To overcome the weather I had a colorful breakfast.

overnight oats for breakfast

overnight oats for breakfast

I started my day with overnight oats, for the first time I soaked them in almond milk and it was delicious.

In the morning I added some fruits (bananas, grapes, mandarins and dried mulberries) and my breakfast was ready. Beside that I had more fruits, orange juice and black tea.

my lunch

my lunch

For lunch I had steamed broccoli with roasted onions, an unusual but tasty combination.

A little tomato and as a dessert a juicy orange completed the menu.


the little orange



spaghetti with soya bolognese

spaghetti with soya bolognese

For dinner I had spaghetti with soya bolognese, which is often cooked in my kitchen, in the next post I will share my recipe for this dish.


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Tekrar görüşmek üzere



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