{Istanbul} Foster Home for a Streetcat


This week little Kücüman (küçük means little in Turkish) found a foster home at our house. He is about four month old and we are giving him a home until he finds an adopting family. The kitten was found under a car and accommodated in a small electric workshop and then in a cage at a veterinary clinic.

He is blind and one eye is already lost. He had an eye operation and we hope that at least his other eye gets a little sight back. Kücüman is a really playful, cuddly and thankful kitten. He needs much love and I hope he will find a loving family soon.

The organization which have been taking care of him is named ‘Streetcats Istanbul’. They’re financing all costs of the cats through donations. They’re taking care of many cats, with all their energy and passion. If you are interested you can visit their homepage or facebook page. There are different possibilities to help:

  • You can donate
  • Take a sponsorship for a cat
  • Give a cat a foster home or
  • Adopt a cat


And here some pictures of Kücüman:




Do you want to know more about Kücüman and how he is adopting in the new environment? And do you want to see more pictures? Did you know the organization ‘Streetcats Istanbul’ before?


Tekrar görüşmek üzere

Swanni & Kücüman


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