{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #123

This is the first Vegan Wednesday of the new year! It was a cold day in Istanbul, almost the whole day it was hailing or snowing. That’s why I started my day with a warming oatmeal, cooked with water and sweetened with agave syrup. As a topping I used some super foods: chuffed quinoa, chia seeds and dried mulberries. Besides the oats I had one apple and a black tea.






While writing my blog post about my New Year’s Eve I drank a big soy-milk coffee with extra milk froth.

IMG_2122 IMG_2125

This is the view from my living room, it’s not a nice view but I wanted to show you the snowy weather.


During the day I was also playing and cuddling Kücüman, our blind foster cat (you can find his story here). Here are some pictures of my cute little tiger ❤


My dinner was a hot vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots and broccoli. After eating it I felt a warm from the inside and very comfortable.


As an evening snack I had mixed nuts, which I bought at the Sunday farmer’s market. With it I drank a hot fennel tea.



I hope you all had a nice and happy Wednesday 🙂 see you next week



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