{Restaurant} Café Privato

This Sunday I explored another café in Istanbul and I would like to show you why I liked it so much. It is called Café Privato and located close to the Galata Tower in Istanbul. Since 10 years they’re serving traditional Turkish and Georgian Cuisine. Before one and a half year I visited Georgia for two weeks and I enjoyed their cuisine, I was glad to find a place with Georgian cuisine in Istanbul.

The atmosphere of the café was very cosy, warm and welcoming, I felt like sitting in some friend’s living room rather than in a café. The furniture was mostly antique and from wood. Most of the people around us were still eating breakfast (it was three in the afternoon) and many different items served on little plates looked delicious to me. Next time we will definitely try the breakfast there.

the entrance of Café Privato

the entrance of Café Privato


the neighborhood

our table could see the Galata tower

We first ordered cinnamon-honey tea (Tarçınlı Ballı Çay), which was delicious. I especially liked the little cups came with it.


Shortly after the tea the Georgian mini pancakes (Gürcü Pankeki) with apples and plums came. And they were so good, fluffy and not too sweet.



the pancakes and tea together

Now I would like to show you a part of the guest room and I hope you get an impression of the cosy atmosphere:



fresh carnations

The address of the Café is: Şahkulu Mh., Galip Dede Caddesi No:3, 34420 Şişhane Beyoğlu, Turkey.

And here the location of the Café on a map I created, I will add all the restaurants, cafés and shops I visited and reviewed on my blog. I hope the map will give you a overview and better orientation.


Especially during the weekend you should make a reservation if you want go there for breakfast.

Have a nice week



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