{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #124

This week Petzi is collecting all posts of the Vegan Wednesday on her blog From Veggie to Vegan. Later you can find a colorful board on Pinterest.

It’s maybe a little late to share my vegan Wednesday food with you, I hope you don’t mind 😉

This time my breakfast is not really beautiful, but finally I am presenting my tray again! I started my day with orange juice, black tea, chia pudding, warm porridge and one banana. I prepared the chia pudding with soy-milk and the porridge with water and agave syrup.

Vegan breakfast


After the breakfast we took little Kücüman to the veterinary for the checkup. Everything was fine with him, but we have to continue giving him eye drops every four hours and an cream against a virus on his eye. After the appointment we visited the Streetcats Istanbul at their place. On the picture you can see Tinka and Isa, two of many cats who will hopefully find nice homes very soon.

Streetcats Istanbul

The way back took one hour, but you forget everything when you travel between two continents with the ferry on the Bosporus with a tea, simit, fresh air and an amazing view of Istanbul.

Turkish tea on the ferry

a black tea with the Haydarpaşa terminal in the background

tea and simit

çay and simit on the ferry

My dinner was a big portion of broccoli spaghetti with garlic, onions and olive oil. Lately I prepared this dish quite often, because you can find a lot of broccoli on the market and I love it. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture. Now I can only present you the leftovers.

spaghetti with broccoli


As a little gimmick I would like to show you today’s afternoon coffee in the making:


A great weekend for all of you!



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