{Istanbul & Markets} A Day at the Sunday Market in Winter

In October I shared a post about the Sunday market in Autumn I wanted to show you what kind of fruits and vegetables you can find on a Farmer’s market at that season. Now I would like to show you how the offers changed in Winter.

My favorite fruits of the season in one picture: Oranges and pomegranates.

oranges & pomegranates

opened pomegranates

One of the other fruits is quinces. For the first time I cooked something with it last week. I hope to share the recipe of Ayva Tatlısı (quince dessert) soon.


These are local Turkish bananas from Anamur a town of Mersin, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

local bananas from Mersin province

A vegetable booth, you can see spinach, broccoli, different radishes, green salads, leek, jerusalem artichokes and herbs.

vegetable booth

So many different and colorful radishes. Green ones are watermelon radishes, they’re red inside and they look like little watermelons.

different raddishes

On the left side you can see tangerines from October, they were green from the outside and their taste was sour. On the right side the last tangerines of the winter, they’re bigger, orange and sweet.


On the picture you can see dried peppers and dried okras. Another typical dried vegetable for the winter season is eggplant. The peppers and eggplants are mostly used to be stuffed with rice.

dried peppers

At this market they only sell the muscat pumpkin. A good thing is, that the sellers cut and peel the pumpkin for you.

muscat pumpkin

Have a nice start to the week.



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