{Restaurant} Level Up – Smoothie & Healthy Food Bar

2,5 months ago the Level Up was opened and this weekend I had the chance to visit their shop in Nişantası. The smoothie & healthy food bar is a small studio with one counter, three seats and one blender. They serve a variety of smoothies, teas, salads and hummus for appropriate prices.

Apple Pie & Beet Banana Smoothies


I had a beet-banana smoothie (ingredients: beetroot, banana, spinach and rice-milk), Osman tried the apple-pie smoothie (ingredients: apple, peanut butter, oats, cinnamon and milk). I liked my smoothie really much, tasted fresh and fruity.

I also liked, that you can watch how the smoothie is prepared for you and you can pick between cow milk, almond-milk and rice-milk. And of course the presentation of the smoothies in the glass jars was beautiful!

Here you can see the shop from the outside:

The Level Up

And here you can have a look to the menu:



After visiting the Level Up we went to the park and enjoyed the great, sunny weather. It felt a little like spring 🙂 here are some January flowers from Istanbul:



You can find the Level Up also on Facebook and Instagram.

And here is the address and map: Tesvikiye Mahallesi, Ahmet Fetgari Sokak, 16/C


Have you been to the Level Up before, and do you like smoothies also that much?





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