{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #128

This week I will show you my Thursday food as I totally forgot to take pictures on Wednesday 😉 you can find all the participants’ posts on Petzi’s blog.

Most of the days like this Thursday I drink warm lemon water before the breakfast. Afterwards my breakfast was a warm, sweet and comforting porridge. I sweetened it with my homemade date syrup (you can find the recipe here) and that was also the reason for the brown color of the porridge. As a topping I put one little banana, dried mulberries and some chia seeds. It was the perfect start to the day, maybe not colorful but at least I tried to bring some color into the grey Istanbul with my orange bowl 🙂

comforting morning porridge


porridge with Istanbul background

Last week I showed you the sunny picture of our picnic in the park, where we sat on the grass enjoying the warm weather. At the beginning of this week it started to snow and the weather got really colder. On Thursday most of the snow disappeared already, but here is the picture of ugly, grey and snowy Istanbul. Can you believe that?

again snowy Istanbul

In the supermarket I found rusk and with creamy avocado, salt and black pepper they were perfect snack. Another green snack was cucumbers and kiwi with chia seeds. Beside these snacks I drank herbal tea and one soy-milk coffee in the afternoon.

vegan snack

another green snack

For dinner we had comforting oven baked vegetables, with potatoes, pumkin and onions seasoned with salt, black pepper and sweet red pepper. It is a easy recipe I prepare quiet often.

oven baked vegetables

See you next week



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