{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #129

Welcome to another Vegan Wednesday in Istanbul. I started my day again with a porridge. In the cold time of the year I love to eat a warming meal for breakfast, thats why you see the same breakfast every week 🙂 have a look to Frau Schulz’s blog to find the other participants’ posts.

This Wednesday I had a simple porridge,  I cooked oats with water and sweetened them with my homemade date syrup. In the end I put some bananas, dried mulberries and almonds.

morning porridge

Maybe you saw in the news, Istanbul was hit by a cold wave with a lot of snow. For the ones who can’t imagine a snowy Istanbul here are some pictures. The left one is not taken by me (I found it on NTV), but I liked it so much, that I wanted to share it with you. I took picture on the right from my living room window, it was snowing all day long. I never saw that much snow in Istanbul!

different perspectives of snow

snowy Istanbul

The ones who are following my blog for a while already know Kücüman, he is our blind foster cat. We have been giving him a home until he finds an adopting family. On Tuesday he had a checkup at the eye specialist, his right eye is getting better but we have to continue giving him eyedrops severel times a day. For the checkup we had to travel to the asian side of Istanbul and visited the Streetcats Istanbul at their place. I was helping Nina to bring other cats to the veterinary and Kücüman had to go to a blood test in the evening. After that exciting day Kücüman stayed mostly in the bed and relaxed 🙂

relaxed Kücüman

During the day I was snacking some mixed dried fruits and one apple and had of course many herbal teas. My dinner was a big mixed salad and potato wedges, seasoned with sweet red pepper, salt and baked with olive oil in the oven. I had another big portion of salad which is not on the picture!


I showed you so many pictures this Wednesday 🙂 stay tuned for next week! If you would like to see more pictures and other interesting articles follow me also on Facebook.



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