{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #139

Welcome to another Vegan Wednesday! You can see the other participants posts on Regina’s blog muc.veg.

This Wednesday was a sunny day in Istanbul with 24 degrees temperature 🙂 my breakfast was pretty light and sunny, too. It was crispbread with avocado, and veggie cuts with cucumber. Currently I could eat avocado-crispbread every day, it’s so tasty, natural and easy! On the side were olives, more cucumbers and strawberries. And like on many other mornings I had a lemon-ginger tea.



For lunch I had a huge cold pressed juice made from carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon, ginger and oranges. Since we have our own slow-juicer I drink a juice almost every day. It’s so much fun to create new mixed juices with fresh ingredients. My favorite juices are green juices,  this red juice with beetroot and definitely pineapple juice.

It maybe looks not that much, but the juice was super filling and refreshing! By the way Kücüman, our blind foster cat, was also intersted in tasting the juice 😉

FotorCreated(4)My dinner was a Turkish style dish with bulgur, cooked with tomato, pepper and onions and chickeas in a tomato sauce. It was really tasty and I was surprised how spicy the chickpeas tasted.


Enjoy the long weekend, I hope for a great weather wherever you are.



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