{Restaurant} My Favorite Breakfast Places in Istanbul

In my first blog post I already told you how much I love the Turkish breakfast, and you can be sure that I still do!

That’s why I would like to give you a guide of my four favorite breakfast places in Istanbul. Of course there are endless breakfast places in this giant city, but I chose my personal highlights, which I can really recommend to you.

1. Kahve 6 in Cihangir

The Kahve 6 is a small and lovingly furnished café, with many cute details in the center of Cihangir. In the summer you can sit in a small garden, which is right behind the café. The breakfast we had was for three. At first we thought it may not be enough but we could hardly finish it in the end.



On the picture you can see the full breakfast, the Izmir breakfast, menemen (Turkish scrambled eggs with tomato and pepper) and black tea. All the ingredients were fresh, really tasty and nicely arranged on clay dishes.

The price of this breakfast for three people was about 50TL, which is in the medium price range.



2. Bi Kahvaltı in Beşiktaş

The Bi Kahvaltı is located in the ‘breakfast street’ of Beşiktaş, where you can find many breakfast places next to each other. The atmosphere is not that cozy, it’s more like a busy place. But the quality of the food and the service is good. For three people we ordered one basic breakfast plate, menemen, a pastry (pişi) filled with chocolate and black tea. Our favorite breakfast item was pişi, they’re so good you definitely should taste them, they’re available as plain, with sweet or savory fillings.

The price of this breakfast for three people was about 25TL, which is in the lower price range.


3. Café Privato in Galata

The Café Privato is a real breakfast heaven! They only have one kind of breakfast, the village breakfast, but it includes a huge variety of breakfast items that varies according to the season. The atmosphere in the café is comfy and you feel almost like at home. Most of the furniture is antique and wood. The service is really obliging and explains all breakfast to you, also in English! If you’re planning to go there on the weekend you should definitely make a reservation.


This big breakfast was ordered for four people and we could hardly finish it. You can see a variety of cheese, olives, jams, scramled egg, carrot salad, and sweet pancakes.


From another visit a village breakfast with only a few other items, for two.


The price of this breakfast for two was about 80/90TL, which is in the high price range. For me it’s not a place to visit often, but for special occasions I think it worths it.

4. Çevre Pastanesi, my insider tip in Mecidiyeköy

The Çevre Pastanesi is a breakfast place I visited countless times, because they have quality food and was easy to reach for me. The atmosphere on the terrace and the view on the backyard with trees is so peaceful and quiet which is rare in the busy neighborhood of Mecidiyeköy.


On the picture you can see the hot breakfast platter, menemen and black tea which we ordered for two people. The menemen is really tasty, but I can also recommend the omlet with vegetables. The service is also friendly, but does not know English.

The price of this breakfast for three people was about 20TL, which is in the lower price range.  The price-performance ratio and comfort is the best for me.



On this map you can find the locations and addresses of my four favorite breakfast places:


Have you visited one of these breakast places yet? Which ones are your favorites?



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