{Istanbul} Bye Bye Istanbul

Some time passed since I left Istanbul and I needed some time to settle in to my new/old life in Germany. Saying goodbye to Istanbul was tough, not only to this magical city but also to many people who accompanied me on my journey.

I will miss countless things like: the great Turkish food you can buy on every corner of any street or many different kinds of restaurants, buying my fresh veggies, fruits and other foods every Sunday on the farmer’s market in my neighborhood, having a long Turkish breakfast in my favorite breakfast restaurants on the weekend, sitting in Cihangir Parkı and watching ferries and the skyline of Istanbul while having a beer, walking through the streets and petting streetcats, going for a weekend trip to escape the busy city.

But there are also many things I won’t miss such as walking through the streets and feeling foreign, plastic bags you get for everything you buy, driving with the overcrowded metrobus!

I started this Blog in Istanbul and even I’m not living there anymore I want to continue and share vegan and vegetarian Turkish recipes with you.

bye bye


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