{Vegan Wednesday} My first Vegan Wednesday back in Germany

Unfortunately I haven’t participated in Vegan Wednesday lately and today I found out, that the project has been paused for some time, but hopefully will be relaunched soon. I decided to show you my vegan food I ate whole Wednesday despite that. And here you go:

I started my day with a big green smoothie (about 500 ml) made of kale, two bananas, soy milk, water, a pinch of vanilla bean powder, cinnamon and hemp seed topping. Lately I’m drinking this smoothie often, it’s sweet and tasty, but still has enough greens and is filling.



For lunch I first had a small mixed salad with baby spinach, chard, rocket, bell pepper and corn. After the salad I had two big plates of potato and sweet potato oven fries baked with olive oil and spices (sweet red pepper, cayenne pepper, curry, turmeric and salt). Instead of unhealthy tomato ketchup I tried to create a healthy and raw alternative sauce. To do so I simply put two tomatoes, one small onion and herb bread spread in my blender. The sauce tasted great with the oven fries, but I couldn’t finish all the fresh tomato sauce and kept the leftover in a glass jar in the fridge.

In the evening I was not that hungry and had been craving for something sweet, that’s why I had a small portion of vanilla coconut rice pudding with pomegranate seeds. I cooked the rice in soy milk and sweetened it with coconut sugar. In the daytime I additionally had a coffee with soy milk, several teas, an apple and some chocolate.

But I didn’t eat that healthy all week long, on Monday I met a friend and we had a huge vegan döner at the Hin & Veg restaurant in Hamburg. And it was so tasty 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my first Vegan Wednesday back in Germany, would you like to see more of that ‘what I eat in a day’ posts?



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