{Restaurant} Yemek Kulübü

The Yemek Kulübü is a restaurant in the central district of Beyoğlu. It is located on the shopping street İstiklal Caddesi, close to the Şişhane metro station. My first visit to the restaurant was 2010, when I first visited Istanbul. Since then I often had dinner or lunch there. The restaurant has two floors and I would recommend you to choose the second floor since it’s quieter there.

Yemek Kulübü


The Yemek Kulübü does not offer a big variety of vegetarian dishes, but I like the ones they serve. They have soups, salads, toasts, pancakes, gözleme, pasta and tasty desserts. The price-performance ratio is really good, the atmosphere is casual and many students and young people are eating there. The menu is both in Turkish and English, the service is okay but sometimes could be faster.

Menu Yemek Kulübü

The last time I visited the Yemek Kulübü I had lentil soup (mercimek çorbası) as the starter and the big salad with halloumi cheese as the main course. I had the chocolate soufflé for dessert, which is served with ice cream. I love their halloumi cheese salad, it’s my favorite of all salads and the hot chcolate soufflé with ice cream is a dream.


The Yemek Kulübü is not a fancy restaurant you would like to have a candlelight dinner, but a great place to have a relatively cheap and good meal in the city center.

Enjoy exploring Istanbul!



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