{Recipe} My Version of a Vegan Turkish Breakfast – 4: Kiwi Jam

This is the fourth post of My Vegan Turkish Breakfast Series, today I will share the kiwi jam recipe. This jam recipe is a little different, because the kiwi will stay in whole slices. In this recipe sugar is used, but as an alternative you can of course us agave syrup or a sugar alternative of your choice. The inspiration for the colorful kiwi jam is from Nesrin’s Küche and her blog about Turkish food.

Kiwi Jam



  • 600 g kiwis
  • 375 g sugar
  • 400 ml water
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon

  1. Cook the water and sugar in a big pot on medium heat for about 25 minutes, until the mixtures is becoming a thick syrup. In the meantime peel the kiwis and slice them.
  2. Cook the kiwis in the sugar syrup and lower the heat. Cook the kiwi jam for 25 minutes on low heat, don’t stir so the kiwi slices stay in whole.
  3. Add the lemon juice, bring to the boil and after one minute of boiling fill the jam into clean jars. Let the jars cool down and keep the kiwi jam in the fridge and enjoy.


Kiwi Jam

I would like to show you two more Turkish bread spreads, that are unintentionally vegan: Acuka & Tahin Pekmez.


Acuka is a spicy spread that is manly made of pepper paste, tomato paste, nuts and spices. It’s a common part of the Turkish breakfast and save to order as a vegan option. You can either prepare it yourself or buy a ready one, like I did, for example this one: Acuka*.


Tahin Pekmez:

If you ever had a Turkish breakfast you are probably familiar to Tahin Pekmez, it is a typical sweet spread in Turkey. It is a mixture between tahin (sesame paste) and üzüm pekmezi (grape molasses). You can either mix it yourself or buy a already mixed version. If you don’t have a Turkish supermarket close by, you can find it online: Tahin*, Üzüm Pekmezi*.

Tahin Pekmez

I hope you enjoyed my little recipe series about My Vegan Turkish Breakfast!

Here you can find the links to all  relevant parts:

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2: Vegan Simit Poğaça

3: Beetroot Hummus



* The marked links are affiliate links . By purchasing through these links you can support me at no extra cost, thank you.


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