{Recipe} Fluffy Vegan Cinnamon Apple Buns

Today I would like to share this recipe for these delicious fluffy vegan cinnamon apple buns. They are a great alternative to plain cinnamon buns, and the apples gives a yummy additional fruity flavor. I prepared them for the first time last week and they turned out so delicious that I had to share this recipe on my blog. I really like that they are not too sweet, have a fluffy dough and delicious apple bites.


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{Recipe} Cezerye – Delicious Carrot Bars

Today I want to share a new recipe with you, that I published on my friends blog “gesunde Einhörner essen Regenbogenblumen” in German, but never on my own blog. It is a Turkish recipe from the region of Mersin for a delicious and sweet snack called ‘cezerye’. It’s taste is similar to Turkish delight but the main ingredient are carrots. These carrot bars tastes best with a glass of Turkish tea as an afternoon delight.


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{Recipe} Berry & Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

My two versions Banana Ice Cream Recipe are perfect for hot summer days, you can either have it as a breakfast, dessert or snack. “Ice cream for breakfast? isn’t it unhealthy?” I hear you saying. The answer is no! This two ice cream recipes are industrial sugar and dairy-free since the main ingredients are fruits. You need only a few ingredients and the preparation is quite easy if you have a powerful blender (I’m using this one from Philips*). As a result you have a colorful, healthy and refreshing ice cream.

Among many varieties of banana ice cream my favorite ones are the versions with berry & chocolate. For inspirations you can check Lulu’s Instagram account. She shares new recipes every day. You can be creative with the toppings, you can use anything and make your ice cream bowl even more beautiful.

Berry Banana Ice Cream


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{Recipe} Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Refined-Sugar Free)

This is the first baking recipe on my blog, which is so exciting for me! I am not a really good baker but once in a while I try my best! When I saw this recipe online I thought I had to try it and it turned out really well. What I like about this recipe is it is refined-sugar free, gluten-free and vegan. Instead of flour cooked chickpeas are used, which is a great and healthy alternative! As a sugar substiute the recipe requires dates. And I couldn’t skip the chocolate.


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{Recipe} Aşure (Noah’s Pudding)

Today I would like to share a Turkish dessert recipe with you. The ingredients might sound not like a typical dessert, but the taste is good and unique, you should definitely try it! There are many different Aşure recipes, I got inspired by this one.

It is believed that when Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat (in northeastern Turkey) after the flash flood, he celebrated with a special meal. Since their supplies were nearly exhausted, what was left (primarily grains, dried fruits and the like) was cooked together to form a pudding, what is now called Aşure. The Day of Aşure is an important day in the Muslim year, and is observed by Muslims world over in honor of the prophet Moses. The Tenth of Muharrem Day of Aşura also marks the end of the Battle of Karbala and is a special day of observance in Shia Islam. Among Turkish and Balkan Sufis (especially Bektashi), the aşure pudding is prepared with special prayers for health, healing, safety, success and spiritual nourishment.



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