{Restaurant} Yemek Kulübü

The Yemek Kulübü is a restaurant in the central district of Beyoğlu. It is located on the shopping street İstiklal Caddesi, close to the Şişhane metro station. My first visit to the restaurant was 2010, when I first visited Istanbul. Since then I often had dinner or lunch there. The restaurant has two floors and I would recommend you to choose the second floor since it’s quieter there.

Yemek Kulübü

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{Restaurant} Dandin Bakery

The Dandin Bakery is a restaurant and cafe in the trendy neighborhood of Karaköy. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a cool interior. But you may also stop by for a cup of coffee.  On the menu, there is limited number of vegan options like soups, salads or smoothies. Relatively, there are more vegetarian dishes.
Dandin Bakery Entrance

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{Restaurant} Çiya Sofrası – Restaurant Visit and the best Vegetarian Kebab

When I was back in Istanbul I had the chance to visit the restaurant Çiya Sofrası in Kadıköy. On a weekday evening my boyfriend and I were hopping on a ferry deck to reach the Asian side of the city. Riding with the ferry in Istanbul is always a magical experience; to see the lights and to feel the sea breeze is just wonderful. The restaurant is about ten minutes walking distance from the ferry station in Kadıköy. While walking through the narrow streets of Kadıköy you can see many shops, restaurants and the food market.

Maiden Tower, Istanbul

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{Restaurant} My Favorite Breakfast Places in Istanbul

In my first blog post I already told you how much I love the Turkish breakfast, and you can be sure that I still do!

That’s why I would like to give you a guide of my four favorite breakfast places in Istanbul. Of course there are endless breakfast places in this giant city, but I chose my personal highlights, which I can really recommend to you.

1. Kahve 6 in Cihangir

The Kahve 6 is a small and lovingly furnished café, with many cute details in the center of Cihangir. In the summer you can sit in a small garden, which is right behind the café. The breakfast we had was for three. At first we thought it may not be enough but we could hardly finish it in the end.


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{Restaurant} Ananas Juice Bar

Last week I visited the Ananas Juice Bar for the first time. For days I had been craving a cold pressed, healthy juice and I finally got it there 🙂

The shop is located in a back street of the Istiklal Caddesi and it was easy to find. The staff was very friendly and helped us to pick juices. The bar is not big, but had enough space for a few people. The music was good and the atmosphere was welcoming. We all ordered a different juice. They were all delicious and freshly prepared.

the entrance

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