{Update} Back in Istanbul

Hey everyone,

I am back in Istanbul and back at writing on my Blog! I moved back to Istanbul and after time to get settled I’m excited to write about my new favorite restaurants, cafes and recipes again. But I’m also planning on writing articles in new categories that include travel tips for Istanbul, general tips for vegetarians and vegans visiting Istanbul and many more ideas. I already planned and prepared some blogposts and hope you will enjoy them.

And for the ones who don’t know how all this started here a little recap: I started my Blog in October 2014 when I started my Erasmus exchange program in Istanbul. I lived in Istanbul for about one year and on my Blog I shared my experiences, new recipes I learned and new places I discovered. Now almost four years later I’m glad to be back.


In front of the Hagia Sophia

Stay tuned for more to come, I hope you’ll stop by again.