{Vegan Wednesday} My first Vegan Wednesday back in Germany

Unfortunately I haven’t participated in Vegan Wednesday lately and today I found out, that the project has been paused for some time, but hopefully will be relaunched soon. I decided to show you my vegan food I ate whole Wednesday despite that. And here you go:

I started my day with a big green smoothie (about 500 ml) made of kale, two bananas, soy milk, water, a pinch of vanilla bean powder, cinnamon and hemp seed topping. Lately I’m drinking this smoothie often, it’s sweet and tasty, but still has enough greens and is filling.


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{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #139

Welcome to another Vegan Wednesday! You can see the other participants posts on Regina’s blog muc.veg.

This Wednesday was a sunny day in Istanbul with 24 degrees temperature 🙂 my breakfast was pretty light and sunny, too. It was crispbread with avocado, and veggie cuts with cucumber. Currently I could eat avocado-crispbread every day, it’s so tasty, natural and easy! On the side were olives, more cucumbers and strawberries. And like on many other mornings I had a lemon-ginger tea.


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{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #138

I’m finally back from a little blog-pause, I was busy having my mid-term exams and showing my guests around Istanbul! Now I prepared some new posts for you and the first one is about my Vegan Wednesday. You have no idea what the Vegan Wednesday is about? It should show how diverse vegan food in the everyday life can be. Therefore people are documenting and sharing what they eat the whole Wednesday and one blogger is collecting the posts and pictures to pin them on Pinterest board.


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{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #131

After one week of break I’m back with another Vegan Wednesday, this time Cookies & Style is collecting and pinning the posts of all participants.

Vegan breakfast means currently mostly porridge, this week I prepared a special version of apple pie porridge. I cooked oats in vanilla soy milk and cinnamon and then added one grated apple. The toppings are puffed quinoa, almonds and dried apples.

Apple Pie Porridge



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{Vegan Wednesday} Vegan Wednesday #129

Welcome to another Vegan Wednesday in Istanbul. I started my day again with a porridge. In the cold time of the year I love to eat a warming meal for breakfast, thats why you see the same breakfast every week 🙂 have a look to Frau Schulz’s blog to find the other participants’ posts.

This Wednesday I had a simple porridge,  I cooked oats with water and sweetened them with my homemade date syrup. In the end I put some bananas, dried mulberries and almonds.

morning porridge

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