{Recipe} My Version of a Vegan Turkish Breakfast – 1: Start of the Series

As you are familiar from my former posts I love the Turkish breakfast culture and I think the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When I used to live in Istanbul I like to prepare a breakfast at home or I used to go out to one of my favorite breakfast places to have a long and rich breakfast. I love the variety of food you get served in small bowls, the fresh bread, the mix of salty and sweet items and of course çay, the Turkish black tea. The Turkish word for breakfast is kahvaltı, which actually means before coffee. After the breakfast you can drink coffee, but you never drink coffee with the breakfast.

After living in Istanbul for one year I returned back to Germany and I really miss Turkish food. Luckily you can find many Turkish restaurants and supermarkets in Germany, but most of the Turkish restaurants here are serving döner. Since I head been missing the Turkish breakfast I wanted to prepare it by myself. When a friend called me and said she wanted to visit me, I decided to prepare it for that occasion. We traveled Turkey many times, we saw different regions of the country and had Turkish breakfast together countless times. So she would be the guest to appreciate this kind of breakfast. I checked some recipes online and in cookbooks. I bought some of the ingredients in the supermarket and ordered the others online.

But I didn’t want to prepare a regular breakfast, I wanted to create my own version and make it a vegan breakfast! I’m not eating a 100% strict vegan diet, but I like to create vegan versions of not-vegan recipes and to get creative with new ingredients. In this post I will show you how my vegan Turkish breakfast looked like and which breakfast items I exactly had. In the following four posts I will be sharing the relative recipes with you.

Vegan Turkish breakfast

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{Restaurant} Yemek Kulübü

The Yemek Kulübü is a restaurant in the central district of Beyoğlu. It is located on the shopping street İstiklal Caddesi, close to the Şişhane metro station. My first visit to the restaurant was 2010, when I first visited Istanbul. Since then I often had dinner or lunch there. The restaurant has two floors and I would recommend you to choose the second floor since it’s quieter there.

Yemek Kulübü

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{Istanbul} My Favorite Parks in Istanbul

After living in Istanbul for some time I started to realize a big downside of the life in the center of the city: there are not enough public green spaces. The area where I used to live (Mecidiyeköy) was central, I could reach supermarkets, the metro station even a shopping mall by walking, but for visiting the nearest park I had to take the bus or metro! I like so many things about Istanbul, but a city needs green areas and shouldn’t demolish them to build more and more houses & skyscrapers!

I mostly used to visit parks on the weekends, to relax and feel the nature. And I would like to name and share my favorite parks with you! For a tourist, who visits the city just for a few days, it might not be interesting or important, but for travelers who stay longer, students or newly residents a list with nice parks is helpful I guess.

1. Cihangir Parkı

Cihangir Parkı (a.k.a Sanatkarlar Parkı) is one of the parks I used to visit most! I went there so many times, to simply hang out with friends and enjoy the amazing view! I could watch the Bosporus, ferries and old town all day long. I brought all my family and friends to this place, I think it’s one of my favorite places in the whole city.

Okay it’s not a typical park, it’s not very big and the grass could be greener, but the feeling to watch the city from there is incomparable!

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{Recipe} Patlıcanlı Börek (Eggplant Pastry)

I would like to share the first börek recipe on my blog with you! Börek is a typical Turkish pastry made of thin yufka dough with different fillings. It is served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. I have a recipe for a juicy and spicy börek with eggplants. The eggplant pastry tastes delicious and pairs best with a glass of Turkish black tea.

Patlıcanlı Börek (Eggplant Pastry)

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