{Recipe} Chocolate and Black Tea Flavored Muffins

Hey everyone,

after a little break on my blog I’m back with a new recipe for you. I would like to share a simple and delicious muffin recipe today. The recipe is for chocolate and black tea flavored muffins, which turn out moist and not too sweet. They can be enjoyed next to your afternoon coffee or breakfast.


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{Istanbul} The beautiful Garden of Halki Seminary on Heybeliada

In today’s article I would like to show you the beautiful garden of the Halki Seminary on the island of Heybeliada. You can reach the island for 5,20 TL with one of the public ferries departing from different ferry boat stations in Istanbul (f.e. Kabatas, Besiktas or Kadikoy). I would recommend to visit the islands on a weekday and to catch an early ferry if you want to escape the crowds.1 (2)

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{Recipe} Easy San Sebastian Cheesecake

Today I want to share a new recipe for San Sebastian Cheesecake with you. It is a crustless cheesecake with slightly burned edges which originated from the Basque region in Spain. This cake was invented in the cafe La Viña in the city of San Sebastian. It is really delicious, has a light texture and caramelized edges. And another great thing about this cake is, that it’s simple to prepare and you only need a few ingredients.


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{Istanbul} Best Views of Istanbul – Rooftop Bar Arcadia Blue Hotel

The Hotel Arcadia Blue is located in the historic peninsula of Istanbul, in the Sultanahmet district. The top floor of the hotel is a bar and restaurant called Fine Dine Istanbul, which you can visit even though you are not staying in the hotel. It is the perfect spot to have a drink, coffee or dinner while enjoying the stunning views.


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