{Recipe} Easy Vegan Pancakes

I finally have a new breakfast recipe for you: Easy Vegan Pancakes. I published a similar pancake recipe on my blog before, but this one is more advanced since it’s refined-sugar free and dairy free which makes them vegan and a healthier version of the common pancakes.

Vegan Pancakes

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{Recipe} Berry & Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

My two versions Banana Ice Cream Recipe are perfect for hot summer days, you can either have it as a breakfast, dessert or snack. “Ice cream for breakfast? isn’t it unhealthy?” I hear you saying. The answer is no! This two ice cream recipes are industrial sugar and dairy-free since the main ingredients are fruits. You need only a few ingredients and the preparation is quite easy if you have a powerful blender (I’m using this one from Philips*). As a result you have a colorful, healthy and refreshing ice cream.

Among many varieties of banana ice cream my favorite ones are the versions with berry & chocolate. For inspirations you can check Lulu’s Instagram account. She shares new recipes every day. You can be creative with the toppings, you can use anything and make your ice cream bowl even more beautiful.

Berry Banana Ice Cream


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{Recipe} My Version of a Vegan Turkish Breakfast – 4: Kiwi Jam

This is the fourth post of My Vegan Turkish Breakfast Series, today I will share the kiwi jam recipe. This jam recipe is a little different, because the kiwi will stay in whole slices. In this recipe sugar is used, but as an alternative you can of course us agave syrup or a sugar alternative of your choice. The inspiration for the colorful kiwi jam is from Nesrin’s Küche and her blog about Turkish food.

Kiwi Jam

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{Recipe} My Version of a Vegan Turkish Breakfast – 3: Beetroot Hummus

This is the third post of My Vegan Turkish Breakfast Series, today I’m sharing the beetroot hummus recipe. Hummus is a typical Middle Eastern dish and recently it has gained popularity not only in Turkey but all over the world. Instead of the normal version of hummus which is popular, I wanted to try a new and colorful version. I got the inspiration from Nesrin’s Küche and made my own vegan version of it. You can serve it as a breakfast spread or as a dip for crackers. It was also a good match with my vegan simit poğaça, that I prepared.

Beetroot Hummus

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{Recipe} My Version of a Vegan Turkish Breakfast – 2: Vegan Simit Poğaça

This is the second post of My Vegan Turkish Breakfast Series, as promised I will share the recipe of the vegan simit poğaça with you today. Probably everyone of you knows Simit, it is one of the most popular street foods in Turkey, which is sold in small carts. It is also part of the Turkish breakfast. Simit is circular bread covered with sesame which varies by region. Poğaça on the other hand is a pastry, which is not less popular for breakfast. There are many different kinds with varying fillings. Today I will show you a combination of both: simit + poğaça.

I got the inspiration for this recipe from Sallys Welt and made my own vegan version of it. Instead of sausage and cheese filling I prepared two alternative fillings: one with a mixture of bell pepper, olives, tomatoes, vegan salami and parsley and one with helva & vegan chocolate spread. I also prepared three without any filling which works as well. The vegan simit poğaça turned out so well, they were fluffy and soft, you couldn’t tell that they are vegan. Even if it takes some effort to prepare them it’s really worth it!

Vegan Turkish Breakfast

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