{Restaurant} Halil Lahmacun

Halil Lahmacun is a classic restaurant in the busy district of Kadiköy on the Asian side of Istanbul. They serve delicious lahmacun but also offer great alternative for vegetarians, the white cheese pide.


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{Recipe} Fluffy Vegan Cinnamon Apple Buns

Today I would like to share this recipe for these delicious fluffy vegan cinnamon apple buns. They are a great alternative to plain cinnamon buns, and the apples gives a yummy additional fruity flavor. I prepared them for the first time last week and they turned out so delicious that I had to share this recipe on my blog. I really like that they are not too sweet, have a fluffy dough and delicious apple bites.


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{Istanbul} Ihlamur Kasrı – A Green Escape in Istanbul

The Ihlamur Kasrı is a green oasis in the middle of the city. It got its name from the countless Linden trees it was built within, Linden translates to ıhlamur in Turkish. The Ihlamur Kasrı is a former imperial Ottoman summer palace, built during the rule of Sultan Abdülmecid. The construction of this small palace was completed in 1857 and it is located in the neighborhood of Beşiktaş. It’s architect was Nikogos Balyan, a famous imperial architect at that time.

Within the area you can find two buildings, the main palace is called Merasim Kiosk and the secondary building is called Maiyet Kiosk. The main building was used for ceremonies and is more ornate, it impresses with a grand staircase leading to the entrance.


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{Recipe} Cezerye – Delicious Carrot Bars

Today I want to share a new recipe with you, that I published on my friends blog “gesunde Einhörner essen Regenbogenblumen” in German, but never on my own blog. It is a Turkish recipe from the region of Mersin for a delicious and sweet snack called ‘cezerye’. It’s taste is similar to Turkish delight but the main ingredient are carrots. These carrot bars tastes best with a glass of Turkish tea as an afternoon delight.


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